St. Catherine Laboure

Regular Mass Schedule

Daily (Except Wednesday): 8:00am
Wednesday with School Children: 8:15am
Saturday: 8:00am 5:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am
Sunday Spanish Mass:


Holy Day:  (Holy Day of Obligation) 6:30am 9:00am 7:30pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Every Saturday: 4:00pm to 4:45pm
New Wednesday Confession Times:

 A priest will be available for confessions on the
1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th Wednesday of every month
 at 10:00 until noon. There will not be Confessions
 on the 3rd Wednesday of any month.


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St. Catherine Laboure Pastor

Fr. Maina Waithaka
(Pronounced "myna"- as in myna bird)
St. Catherine Laboure

Fr. Robert Mair
(Pastor Emeritus)

Joseph Wojtowicz - Business Manager

Joseph Wojtowicz
Business Manager
Kimberly Micheas-De  L'Herbe - Adminstrative Assistant

Kimberly Micheas-De  L'Herbe
Administrative Assistant

Ray Gavin - Permanent Deacon

Ray Gavin
Permanent Deacon

Frank Beil -Permanent Deacon

Frank Beil
Permanent Deacon

Michael Bretz - Permanent Deacon
Michael Bretz
Permanent Deacon



3535 Thornwood Ave.
Glenview, IL 60026

St. Catherine Labouré Mission Statement
The Catholic community of St. Catherine Labouré, prompted by the Holy Spirit, encourages its members to love God, self and neighbor. Nourished through the sacraments, liturgy and prayer, we want to deepen our relationship with God by sharing our faith as a gifted people. We strive to grow spiritually, intellectually and socially. Committed to Jesus Christ and the Church, we embrace a vision of service to our parish and the world community

Rev. Maina Waithaka Pastor
Rev. Robert Mair & Rev. James Murphy Pastor Emeriti
Frank & Caroline  Beil , Ray & June Gavin, Mike & Kathy Bretz Deacon Couples
Jodi Reuter School Principal
Julie Jenkins School Administrative Assistant
Pat Klein Religious Education Coordinator
Joe Wojtowicz Business Manager
Kimberly Micheas-De L'Herbe Administrative Assistant
Sr. Christine Baker Music Director
Oblates of Jesus the Priest Hispanic Ministry
Elizabeth Cho Parish Counselor

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